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Quality. Care. Patience.


DAMN - Dry Aged Meats & Needs is Singapore's first Dry Ageing Meat specialist.

Usually confined within the realm of Michelin starred restaurants and steakhouses, high quality meat that has been treated with the utmost reverence has rarely found themselves on the tables of the Singaporean home.

Born from the love of food and the passion of home-cooking, we pride ourselves in delivering the finest quality beef and charcuterie to you.


Working with selected farms, our beef is chilled and air-flown directly to Singapore.

Honoring the tried-and-true process of Dry Ageing in its purest form, we meticulously mature our beef uncovered in a precise and carefully controlled environment from several weeks to months.

No shortcuts. No cheats. Only patience and a consistent attention to detail.

Savour our steaks and let it be proof.