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  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Total Preparation time: 20mins
  • Equipment required: BBQ grill


Step1: Season your Dry Aged beef with salt. 


Step 2: (Optional) Let your Dry Aged beef season in the refrigerator covered for at least 4 hours, up to 12 hours.


Step 3:  Heat up your grill/BBQ to about 260-300 degrees celsius. If you do not have an infrared thermometer, you may place your outstretched palm about 6cm above your grill and it it would too be hot for you to hold above the grill after 1 sec. 


Take your Dry Aged beef out of the refrigerator.


Step 4: Pat dry both sides of your Dry Aged beef with a kitchen towel before liberally brushing oil on all sides.



Step 5: Place your Dry aged beef onto grill to sear for about a minute.


 Step 6: Rotate your steak 30 degrees to form the iconic steakhouse diamond grill marks, ~2mins.


Step 7: Flip your steak to grill the other side. (~2mins). It is at this point where you may add pepper on the top of your steak.


We recommend not adding pepper until this stage as if you have added pepper before grilling, the pepper would burn from the high heat, imparting an astringent bitter taste. 


Step 8: Rotate similar to Step 6 and after 2 mins, remove from the grill and add pepper to the other side of your steak.


You should check the doneness of your steak at this point in time using a thermometer or by making a slight incision in the middle of your steak. 


If your steak is not sufficiently done, place your steak back on to the grill at a low heat.

Step 9: (Optional) Place Compound butter onto the top of your steak. 


Step 10: Let your steak rest for 5-10mins. This step is to allow the steak to relax and hold onto its delicious juice. 


Step 11: Cut to serve and enjoy your delicious and perfectly grilled Dry Aged Beef.