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  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Total Preparation time: 15mins
  • Equipment required: Heavy duty pan / Cast Iron skillet


Step1: Season your Dry Aged beef with salt. 


Step 2: (Optional) Let your Dry Aged beef season in the refrigerator covered for at least 4 hours, up to 12 hours.


Step 3: Take your Dry Aged beef out of the refrigerator & heat up your pan/skillet. Add sufficient oil to cover the entire surface of your pan/skillet.

 Add Oil to Pan

Step 4: Pat dry both sides of your Dry Aged beef with a kitchen towel


Step 5: Wait till your pan is sufficiently hot before you place your Dry Aged beef in the pan, away from you. The pan is sufficiently hot when you can see the oil begin to smoke slightly.

 Place Steak on Pan

Step 6: Wait for your Dry Aged beef to form a strong even crust (~3mins).

Gently press the middle of your steak against the pan to form an even crust as the steak will contract and curl up as it cooks. 

 Cooking Steak

Step 7: Once your Dry Aged beef has formed an even crust, (you may lift up your steak to have a quick peak), flip your steak to sear the other side. (~3mins). It is at this point where you may add pepper on the top of your steak.

 Seared Steak

We recommend not adding pepper until this stage as if you have added pepper before searing, the pepper would burn from the high heat, imparting an astringent bitter taste. 

 Pepper Steak

Step 8: Check that your steak has an even sear on all sides. If you wish, you may want to sear the back of the steak as well (~15secs).

 Searing Meat Smoke

Once you have an even sear on all sides. Take your Dry Aged steak out of the pan and add pepper to the other side of your steak.

You should check the doneness of your steak at this point in time using a thermometer or by making a slight incision in the middle of your steak. If your steak is not sufficiently done, you can carry on the cooking process further in step 10.

 Cooked Steak

Step 9: Turn off the heat and add any herbs, garlic or compound butter you have into the pan. Let steep for ~2min for the flavors to infuse.

 Add compound butter

Step 10: Set your heat to low and place your Dry Aged Steak back to the pan (with the freshly peppered side towards the pan). Baste your steak for about a min on each side. 

 Basting Steak

Step 11: Remove your steak from the pan and let rest for 10-15 mins. This step is to allow the steak to relax and hold onto its delicious juice. 

 Rest Steak

Step 12: Cut to serve and enjoy your delicious and perfectly seared Dry Aged Beef.

 Cooked USDA Prime SteakCut Steak